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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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Why is my back button not working

What causes some keys not to work sometimes? I discovered the return/back button on my phone wont respond to touch often times. This is frustrating because it makes using an app that requires a return function difficult.

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The same with my phone return button didn't work but when I tried to reset it works it features not the factory reset it work for several minutes only, then not working again, seems there's time elapse program to lock. I tried all options even the factory reset. The same happened working for several minutes only.


Can anybody suggest to solve this problem without going to any phone tech?


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Do you have a screen protector on the phone? If you do it could possibly just be a case of a bad cheap screen protector. If not it could be an actual issue with the buttons themselves. Or it could just be phone lag if they eventually do respond or if the phone freezes when you press them.

Hope this

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I had this problam too, when i opened the phone there was a little water damage.

Are you sure it does not have any water damage…

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