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Eine TV Spielkonsole von Sony Entertainment, auch bekannt als PS4. Sie wurde am 20. Februar 2013 angekündigt und kam am 15. November 2013 auf den Markt.

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My PS4 won’t leave safe mode


So this morning my PS4 just stopped working. It was working perfectly fine until the game started lagging mid way so I restarted the PS4. It was put in a endless cycle saying it was restarting so I unplugged the cord. And now the PS4 won’t get out of the checking system storage black screen thing and it’s stuck at 4%. Eventually the black screen thing just stopped and said “Cannot start ps4” and it asked me to plug in my USB connected to a controller so I did and it asked for update 6.50 on a USB. And sadly I cannot reach the safe mode because the power button on the front panel doesn’t work.

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To enter Safe Mode without a working power button, remove the entire top cover of the PS4 and look for the small gold square underneath where the power button sits. This is your power button. It responds to touch, so you can use your finger or a small plastic tool to press this gold square to power on the PS4, power it off, or enter Safe Mode.

Once in Safe Mode, try updating the firmware as it suggested you do to see if it corrects the problem.

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