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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Turn phone on without power button?

I am trying to turn my phone on without using to power button. Power button encountered water and is now down. I had success one day when I was trying to turn it on with out power button. I let it die and cant seem to figure out how i turned it on last time. Keep in mine it was days after water damage. New power button will not work, I’ve tried. is there a way i can force my phone to turn on?

I’ve tried the volume down and up button while holding the home button. Nothing is happening. I know the buttons work because if I plug it up. The charge screen comes on and after a while (charge screen will say 100%) screen will start to go to sleep. Ill hit each button one at a time and the phone wakes up/ gets brighter.

Just need my text and pics off the phone

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My Samsung s6 phone is turned off while i was charging when i remove the charger my phone is 100% charged but I can’t turn on my phone for 5 days


i have the same problem did you find solution//???


I have the same problem too help guy's it's been two weeks


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wanted to post a fix i found since none of the ones I found on the internet worked with my phone. I’ve been able to start my samsung, without fail, by plugging it into its usb charger and removing then reinserting the battery while still plugged in. Hopefully this helps those who the other solutions listed don’t work for.

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Thank you :-) literally just tried it and it worked!


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If this is still helpful,

Remove the rear cover of the device and the frame till you can see the board. In the location where your power button was, there should be 3 gold pins on the main board. Bridge the two lower ones and your device should start. Sometimes I use anything metallic and touch it across the two pins and sometimes I just let my finger touch them simultaneously, the power in them is almost 0.

If this doesn't work then your device likely has some board damage. Try combinations of the different pins if it doesn't work for you, I don't know if there are differences in the models.

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Sorry to hear that the power button encountered water, and you can turn your Galaxy S6 Edge on and off without the power button, you can use the same instructions for Galaxy S6 as well.

Turn ON the Galaxy S6 without using the power button:

  1. When the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is turned off, press and hold the volume button for a few seconds.
  2. While holding the volume button, connect the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to a computer using a USB cable.
  3. Wait for your phone to boot to Download mode.
  4. Then press down on the volume rocker to cancel the operation.
  5. After the operation has canceled, the Galaxy will reboot and turn on.
  6. You have successfully turned on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ without using the power button.

Hope this info helps you.

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I tried and it didn’t work


@Skinny Pj me too I ask every other forum .All gives this answer...I am desperate that OPPO phone can rescheduled power up(software not need physical key) but samsung j7 cant?now my power button not working and therefore my rm1k+ phone brick just like that?


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