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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company.

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Took carb apart and cleaned jets now it is really hard to start and ba

2005 ttr230 carb problem

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@blc1983 your Yamaha should have either a Teikei Y26P or a Mikuni VM28. when you cleaned it I suppose you did not use new jet’s but kept the old ones. Also let us know if you by any chance used a carb rebuilt kit. My number one suggestion would be to try and adjust the carb.

Take a look at this Mikuni manual for adjustments etc. Mikuni VM28, this one for Yamaha TT-R Carburetorstock carb as well as this video

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It's a y26 and no I didn't use a rebuild kit I just took it apart and cleaned pilot fuel screw and float. Didn't take apart the top half of the carb. When I got the bike the choke never didwork. Tried to adjust the fuel screw but it still pops and dosent want to take the throttle. Bogs on topend


you may have to take a good look at the carb and fix the rest of it. this may help further http://gpzweb.s3-website-us-east-1.amazo...


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