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Released in 2015, the all-in-one camera featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, and waterproof capabilities. This camera lacks the touch screen display of the Hero+ LCD.

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battery life and won't record past 5 seconds

tried all types of sd cards. won’t record past 5 seconds. keep getting sd card formatting error. i have the sandisk extreme pro 32 gb. reformatted and still the same problem. can the camera be repaired? also battery life is short.

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Hi, the SD card slot could have a problem internally with it so you may need to get that fixed here is GoPros contact link: https://gopro.com/help/ContactUs. The battery if you can remove it may be old and dying. Rechargeable batteries only can live so long so you may need to order a replacement one for it. I had this problem with my Hero 5 Black, I ordered a new battery and now its fine. Hope this helps, have a good day.

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