does replacement bezel include metal piece at top?

I'm attempting to replace the hinge and find that two nuts in the bezel have broken off. I need to order a replacement bezel, but need to be sure that the metal strip at the top is included. It appears to be heat-fastened to the plastic bezel.

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Apple iBook G4/1.0 12-Inch (Early 2004 - Op) Specs

Identifiers: iBook G4 - Early 2004 - M9426LL/A - PowerBook6,5 - A1054 - N/A


I can't tell just what you're talking about. Please look at this guide and see if you can explain it better: iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Front Display Bezel Replacement


After the hinge is removed from the bezel, what remains on the rear is a metal strip across the top, with arms extending about an inch down each side. It appears to be heat-fastened to the bezel. I need to know if the strip is included with a replacement bezel. In a photo on your site demonstrating removal of the hinge from the bezel, the metal strip I'm referring to appears to remain attached as the hinge is removed. The photo is on page 23, the last page, of the guide to replacing the front bezel.


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