My motherboard is not working but I think there's still life?

Hello all, I have several problems

My first one is that when I was trying to fix an error message that kept popping up on my phone, I put it in recovery mode and then it flashed and turned off and has not turned back on since, I tried every button combo possible but nothing but it heats up every time it connects to the battery so I disconnected it and switched motherboards.

My second problem is the motherboard I'm using now keeps giving me an process.acore stoped working error and I was told its a demo motherboard so it can't be updated but the error is messing with my phone calls and contacts so I cannot make calls and sometimes cannot receive.

Is there a way to fix both of these problems or one I prefer the first motherboard that is I'm assuming stuck in recovery because the one giving me the process error has a small damage on it. I accidentally broke a small gold thing off of it and I have no idea what it was for and what it does.

Thank you for reading.

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