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A Toshiba laptop released September 2016, Identification Number C50D-A

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Why when installing another RAM for a laptop does not work?

Hi dear I have a problem with the laptop, which is when I install another ram with 4 GB and the same frequency Ram and also the same size 4 GB, where I installed and close the cover and when I tried to run from the button, the operation keeps a little closed suddenly, if the Motherboard did not accept this Ram Who faced this problem to help me ... Thanks

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Check the specs of the laptop to see the max ram capacity.

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Does it still work OK with only the original ram module inserted in ram slot 1?

If no, did you remember to remove the main battery from the laptop before adding/removing the ram modules?

If yes, does it work OK with only the new ram module inserted in ram slot 1?

If no, you have a faulty new ram module.

If yes, then you may have a faulty ram slot 2.

Try inserting the new ram module in slot 1 and the original ram module in slot 2 just to prove that it still fails.

If it now works and you have 8GB of ram being detected, leave it alone and keep a check on it that it stays that way ;-)

If it still doesn’t work, try gently, stress gently removing and inserting the ram module a few times in case the slot 2 contacts are dusty/dirty etc and see if this action cleans them so that the module can be detected correctly

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