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Erschienen am 4. November 2017. Modell A1865, A1901. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / 64 oder 256 GB / Silber oder Space Grau. (Genauso ausgesprochen wie "iPhone 10")

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Screen not working question

I’m getting an iPhone X tomorrow from a friend. He says that the touch screen has no functionality at all. The glass is in great condition, the OLED completely works, and the phone has never been opened. What do you think my next steps would be? Could by some miracle it be just a simple re-seat of the connectors?

Edit: I think the phone was dropped once, and the camera glass is broken.

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Always be prepared to find the problem instead of hoping for the best. This could be a known issue with iPhone X where the screen is defective from the factory. The connector basically never fails.

Prepare a spare test screen so you can test and find the problem every time.

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