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Herausgegeben am 25. September 2015. Model A1687/A1634. Die Reparatur des 6s gestaltet sich ähnlich zu denen früherer Generationen; benötigt werden Schraubenzieher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA / 16, 64 oder 128 GB / Silber, Gold, Space Grau oder Roségold.

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Dropped in water, works fine but problems w/ screen & rear camera

Yesterday I dropped my iPhone 6S in a toilet while I was at a restaurant (let’s not ask any questions) and I obviously did not have any rice on me, so I wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in my pocket for the couple hours I was there and left it. It kept turning on on it’s own because I picked it up, but other than that it was fine and there were no major problems other than it being wet, but I tried to dry it off with my shirt. (Also, I picked it up right when I realized that it was my phone that had dropped and it was only in there for a couple of seconds.

Fast forward to when I got home, I immediately put the phone in rice and a ziplock bag and left it overnight and through the day. It was in there for probably 22 hours.

When I took it out a couple of hours ago, I noticed that the front camera was fine, however the back camera is full of water vapour and very blurry, which I will insert a picture at the end. Just a few minutes ago, I was using my phone and I noticed in the top left hand corner there are a couple of weird boxes (I don’t know how to explain) which I know for a fact aren’t normal and they won’t go away.

I don’t know if this is important, but I have a small crack in the screen in one of the top corners of my phone. I’m thinking water may have gone in through there as it was having a bath in the public toilet. I’m not too concerned about it, I am pretty hopeful it will still work after, despite all of the issues. I plan on getting a new phone as soon as I can, worst case scenario I have to pay to get it fixed or just use my old 5S. (yuck)

Anyways, sorry for the whole essay. I tried to be as detailed as I could so that I can get the best answer possible. If you’ve read this far, thank you!! Here are the pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

The first image is what I think is water vapour INSIDE the back camera, the second picture is the weird boxes on my screen that just appeared.

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The camera isn’t attached to the lense on the back. It’s connected with a flex cable so you could pry it back and wipe it. I’m not sure about the screen but most likely water damage. (Next time, don’t use rice, use silica gel, it works better.)

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Thanks! And I hope you don’t mind me asking another question, but about 20 minutes ago my phone would start turning on and off by itself, it thinks that I’m pressing the power button even when I’m not and it wont stop. It even tries to shut down. Is there anything I should do?


I’m not quite sure but probably water damage to the motherboard or battery


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Water on its own it’s not the big problem for electronics. Contrary to common belief, it would hardly damage electronics if it was ultra pure demineralized. Tap water and liquids in general contain minerals that are conductive, usually about 200/500mg per liter, sea water goes from 1800 to 3400mg/l. What one achieves with rice (silica gel too) is to accelerate drying and mineral concentration on electronic components, where power finds new paths to flow around, created by minerals. Unless electronics are properly decontaminated professionally, the earlier the better, it’s usually a matter of weeks or months at the best before they stop working. As you have experienced yourself, with time things are already getting worse.

Enjoy rice for a good meal, but forget it to recover liquid damage, it useless at best.

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