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Das 15" MacBook Pro, Modell A1989, kam im Juli 2018 auf den Markt. Es ist ausgestattet mit einem 15,4" LED hintergrundbeleuchtetem Display mit True Tone Technologie, TouchID und bis zu einem 6 Core i9 Prozessor.

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Ram Upgrade from Apple

So I purchased a new macbook pro in late 2018. At the time 16gb of ram was plenty but I have begun to use Adobe CC pretty heavily for web development. Needless to say I have run into memory issues. I know that I cannot upgrade my own, but does anyone know or have experience trying to replace the mobo through apple? I want to bump up to 32gb and would rather not drop another $3k

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Hi Chris

Most probably apple will not entertain you.

Im not sure about Black markets and if it is possible for this model, I know some older models can do it.


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Apple doesn’t provide upgrade swaps after sale.

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I've had a few people bug me on trying to upgrade the RAM. The chips are a custom which can't be gotten on the open market. Even if you could get them the board is so tightly configured its just not easy to replace them.

And as Tom stated Apple does not offer after sale upgrades, and getting a replacement logic board on the open market will be very expensive and hard to get.


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