Left Speaker works only temporarily for about 10 minutes or so.

So, I have bought my Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset in 2015. They have been working well until recently, when my laptop won’t discover the HyperX soundcard (the Dongle). I’ve discovered that the dongle was faulty and luckily for me they sell it separately from the headset on the official HyperX website. After acquiring the dongle, the computer was able to identify my headset and it worked fine for a week or so, when my left side of the headset just died. No sound would come through.

I tried to connect it to difference devices separately from the dongle, such as my phone to find the culprit. It appears to be the headset.

I’ve tried to see if the cable is broken - it is not. The multimeter gave positive beeps all the way through.

The microphone seems to be working perfectly fine.

While playing with the headset for about 2 weeks trying to figure out what is wrong, a couple of days ago, I heard static in the left side of the headset. Out of curiosity, I turned some music on and it magically started working, but only for 10 minutes. That happened twice.

Is there anything that can be done, changed, cleaned, oiled, soldered, idk. I don’t want to give up on the headset that easily.

Thank you!

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