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Die Playstation 3 (im Volksmund auch PS3 genannt) ist das dritte Heimcomputer-Unterhaltungssystem der Firma Sony und der Nachfolger der PlayStation 2. Sie erschien am 11. November 2006

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I Cannot connect to the Internet , what can be wrong?

I have contacted my service provider and Sony and am told that there is no reason it would not connect . Could there be a part that needs replacing in my system?

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Alyson, is it a wired or wireless connection? Does your connection work with any other equipment? Has it just started this or did anything happen? 1. Did you upgrade your router's firmware. Have you tried reset on your router? Did you change your SSID name.

Did you check your PS3 settings? The more info we have the easier it will be to get you back online.


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Along with what oldturkey03 mentioned has your connection ever worked? Was an update performed on your PS-3 or was someone going through the menus’ and possibly changed a setting? Do you have the ability to try a wired connection? If you can, that would be the easiest to verify your connection through your router is working. You should also verify your Internet Connection is enabled in the PS-3, check the menu tree (Settings: Network Settings: Internet Connection: Enabled). Are you trying to use a static IP address or are you using DHCP (automatic assignment)Without more details on how you are trying to connect and your router type, it will be hard for us to give you any specifics to check. If you are using wireless we will need to know what type of encryption you are using and any security settings on your router/access point.


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I have the same problem but mine only started after I fixed the yellow light of death. Tried wireless and a firm connection. Did a system reset, cycled the router. The system can't find the IP address. Internet is working on all other devices. Any ideas?


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