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Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air 2, Modellnummer A 1566.

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Is it possible to access data from iPad without a battery in it?

Basically, I thought the iPad that I was experimenting on was useless. now apparently I forgot to get the data off the device, while I was experimenting with the device I

  1. Damaged the connection from the battery to the motherboard. It’s probably likely that this is unrepairable
  2. I peeled up the connection between the charging port ribbon and the motherboard, I’m not entirely sure if I can get this fixed. But there are places nearby me that can do microsoldering, and I know where I can get parts for the charging ribbon cable itself.

Are any of these repairable and does the device have any hope? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance

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Somehow or another you need to get power to your iPad's logic board and you will also need a means to retrieve the data via USB or WiFi.


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Power and ground pads are easy to fix, they are literally all over the board.

Battery controller pads are more difficult and if you don’t connect them to a real battery, the device restarts every minute.

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You likely broke the pads when peeling off charging port ribbon cable from logic board, which I don’t believe is repairable.

How did you damage the connection between battery and motherboard? If board is still intact, try a new battery and see if it can power on.

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