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Released February 2015. Model numbers XT1527, XT1514, XT1523, and XT1506.

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What can be done when sim card was put in backwards and ruined connect

Block Image

is there repair for sim card port that has been abused?improperly used?

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Can you see any damage in the port? If so try to post a picture of the damage.


The image you uploaded is way to small, unfortunately it looks like your going to have to replace the SIM card port to get that working. I believe its soldered directly to the motherboard on that phone. It's not going to be worth the repair.


Thank you so much


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You could just open up the phone and put the connection straight again. I have put here a link also, with what you can change the motherboard / open the phone up

Motorola Moto E 2nd Generation

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Thank you for the suggestion and link. Upon inspection, one of six copper connections had been ripped out. I have an appointment with a knowledgeable friend who is going to attempt to solder out the old and try to solder in a new. Again, many thanks


You're Welcome!


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