iMac reboots when used but not in (T) Target Disk Mode

First I thought it would be an PSU issue so I opened it up and had a look at the PSU but couldn’t find any obvious faults. I cleaned the board with some alcohol and reassembled it again.

Started it up and tried to login to one of the local accounts… and just seconds thereafter it reboots…

Reset the SMC but no luck

Tried to change the hard drive but no luck

Started the machine in Target Disk Mode and it is still running without any reboot… (?)

I’m kind of flabbergasted……..

Anyone any idea?

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What happens when you run the onboard diagnostics? Restart the system and hold the D key. If you get an error post it here for us to see.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Of course! Didn't think of that *duh* I'll be back with info


@peros1968 - any news?


Couldn't get the onboard diag to work at all and I tried all sorts of ways. But now it seems like it has settled down and don't get any restarts... so far... But I'll be back as soon as I know more


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