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The IdeaPad Z560, the third Z Series laptop launched in 2010.Model 0914.

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left usb port not working

The left usb port on my laptop, a lenovo v130, which, unfortunately you don’t have that as an option in device selection https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/lenovo-v...

has stopped working following a wine spillage on the computer, would like to know if there is a remedy I can try without taking it apart, or will I need to see a professional to get it fixed?

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Sadly, Wine is one of the liquids which you do need to clean up, it has acids and sugars promote corrosion!

For now you want to disconnect the battery (or at least turn it off and leave off until you can open the system) Your battery is now your worst enemy! As it can make a bad situation worse!

At this point your USB port is damaged either directly or the logic behind it. So you’ll need to open the system and working from that side clean the parts down with distilled water to wash off the wine, then use 85% or better isopropyl alcohol to wipe the areas down again to help promote evaporation of the water. Use cotton swabs (Q-Tips) to wipe down the areas that has staining.

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