Looking for Dell Inspiron 15Z laptop schematics

I was given a dell inspiron 15z that some that was dead. I was told the user saw a spark from under the on off button, when I removed it I saw a chromatic copastor clearly failed (the top was chard but the pads underneath are in good shape), probably a 20 cent part. I would like to replace it but I cant find a drawing of the mother board any where on line. dose any one know where I can get one? just want to make sure I have the correct cap.

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Hi lordicon

I would suggest you to share some pictures on it.

Hopefully someone here is able to help you on this.

Getting laptop schematics can be tricky due to legal stuffs.


lordicon we need to know the exact motherboard model. Post some good pictures of the board, any markings on it and where the particular capacitoris located. Use this guide for that Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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