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The Acer Aspire 5349 features an Intel Celeron B800 1.5GHz processor.

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The keyboard of my laptop is malfunctioning

this happened yesterday. i was working with a glass of whisky. some of it spilled on the keyboard . i dried it up. i noticed the laptop was freezing so I restarted it. it made an alarming sound for minutes and won’t load the windows . so I restarted it again. this time it comes on fine but the keys , not… a few keys are numb. this morning more keys are malfunctioning and I know that it will only get worse.

i checked the filter keys seems ok. checked the keyboard drivers and updated them but still doesn’t work . please help me out. thanks for reading

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Hi Paolo,

My guess is that it probably went to the keyboard connector on the motherboard.

Perhaps you can open it up and clean it (good time to clean the keyboard too). Water damage can damage other components as well, so just open it up to check.

Make sure that everything is dry again and that there are no white spots left.

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hello @koppie007

thank you. i will go see a good technician to help me clean it since i don't have any tool to open my laptop with.

i will let you know if it worked :-)


Alright. Hopefully you get it back to how it was :)


hello bro it didn't work. we removed the keyboard and dusted it. . then i still updated the drivers. i am very frustrated. this hindrance is affecting my work. i cant type well. what do i do now @koppie007


Hi Paolo,

Did you found some white spots? Like this: https://ibb.co/R7TsmjT

Also the cable could be affected or inside the keyboard it's self. Could be difficult to find the spots sometimes as they can be really small.

Is the keyboard the only thing which is affected ? Everything else works fine ?


Hello koppie007,

We didn't find spots like the ones on the photo

it appears that liquid got underneath the keys, i guess

almost have the keys are numb. And yes it seems the keyboard is the only one affected

Although this morning i am feeling like the laptop is running slow and freezing occasionally than before.


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