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A collection of guides and support to help with washer repair.

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Soapy clothes in washing machine

Clothes are still soapy after washing cycle has finished. I have cleaned the machine, used white vinegar to get rid of soap suds, the machine runs clear on an empty cycle. I have changed washing liquid and using only a small amount. The machine is draining, the pump isn’t making any weird noises, I’ve checked the filter, checked for blockages in pipes and water is running through. What else can I try? Thankyou

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1 Antwort

  1. Too much Detergent added.
  2. Overfilled Washer.
  3. Drain Pump not working or clogged.
  4. Drain Hose may be bent or clogged.
  5. Water Supply Hoses bent or kinked.
  6. Water Supply Valves not fully open.
  7. Switch or Control Board malfunction.

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