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Eine TV Spielekonsole von Sony Entertainment, angekündigt am 20. Februar 2013 und herausgegeben am 15. November 2013.

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Can you really replace a PS4 motherboard?

I gotten a diagnostic test on my PS4 and they said my motherboard is no good. Can that really happen to a PS4 and would I have to get a new console?

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Stating the motherboard is no good is a little vague. I’d be asking exactly what is wrong with the motherboard and determine then how it can be repaired. Just saying the motherboard is no good sounds like they haven’t really done anything more than basic diagnosis.


Thanks they told me that it would be best to get another system.

Wondering if it's true that the motherboard that's in the system is only for that system.


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We have a great guide on replacing the PS4’s motherboard: Playstation 4 Motherboard Austausch

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