How To Get Recover Google Account Password?

Recover Google Account via Phone Number

If any user did not '''recover lost Google account password''', don’t worry for Google providing another ways to recover Google account, registered mobile phone number you can get recover Google account using mobile verification code sent by Google.

Go to Google's account recovery page and follow the instructions until you see the verify option page

Select "Get a verification code on my phone" option and click "Continue". Make sure you phone number is active.

Then you will receive a text message from Google that includes a verification code. Type in the code into the verification box, and Google will take you to password reset page directly.

Here you can set a new password and confirm it. Then Google account is recovered successfully.

Recover Google Account With Security Question?

Find process of how to recover Gmail Account using Security Question –

1.       Start Google account recovery page, and input the information Google asks until you see the recovery option page

2.       Choose "Answer my security question" option. If you have set one, the option will become available. Click "Continue" to go to the security question verification page.

3.       Answer the security question you set, which is different from each other. If the answer is correct, you will be brought to the password reset page directly.

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