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Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2018. Modelle A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / eSIM oder dual-SIM / 64, 256 oder 512 GB / Silber, Gold oder Space Grau (Ausgesprochen "iPhone 10 S")

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iPhone XS does not power on but gets warm when on charge

A customer has given me an iPhone XS that has suddenly stopped powering on.

It's not in DFU/Recovery mode.

It will not show up in iTunes.

When on charge (with the cable or wireless) the phone gets warm/hot in the lower 10% of the screen so it's not completely dead.

Shall I pursue this? Is the handset still under warranty as the XS is less than a year from release date.


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the first thing i would try would be to open the unit and reset the battery sometimes they get stuck as long as nothing is replaced this shouldn’t effect the warranty

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Hi Jonathan, although Apple have said that third party repair centres won't invalidate the warranty by opening the device or even fitting third party screens I have often encountered this to be wrong.

My customers have been turned away, embarrassed because they've taken a device that's been opened.

I just wondered if there was an existing fix for this without opening it.


As far as I know, without opening the device and the fact it will not connect to iTunes or be recognized on the pc there's not much to be done as long as the charging port is in all the way and there is voltage going to the phone it should connect if not without opening the phone apple may be there only bet


Lightning port is clean and dust free and it's definitely drawing power as the lower battery cell is getting warm, almost hot.

I'll be advising they RMA the device.

Thanks again


Its still under its warranty period no one should have to open it and reconnect the battery, just get them to send it back or take it to apple store their bad enough with their repairs and out of warranty stuff least u can do is send them the stuff that's not the customers fault and is a definite warranty issue


I am having this issue. This is the only thread with this issue I could find. Anyone know how to fix?


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