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Erschienen am 4. November 2017. Modell A1865, A1901. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / 64 oder 256 GB / Silber oder Space Grau. (Genauso ausgesprochen wie "iPhone 10")

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Back camera and flash not working

I changed the screen of and iPhone X for an client.

He sent me an email now saying . “Screen repair is awesome, no faults only issue is back camera and flashlight is not working. Face-ID and front camera is working fine.

First time I had this issue now, same procedure as any other iPhone X repairs I have done.

Anyone know a simple solution to this issue?

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I would check for pry damage near the FCAM (J4600) connector as it is directly adjacent to the RCAM Zoom connector (J4000). Specifically, check Q3700 as those glass transistors are easily damaged but there are a whole slew of passives surrounding the connectors that could also be damaged.

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Cant really see any particular damage here.

can it be damage from the fall of the screen, it was very damaged and not turning on


The other issue with the X is that the logic boards are very thin and flexy. It is probably some cracked solder ball in the RCAM circuit.


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