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Ipad shuts off at 100%

Hello! So, my iPad has been doing this thing when I charge it at 60% overnight and by the morning its “dead” even though it’s at 100%. It will power up for about a minute, if plugged in, and show 100%. But, if I unplug it within that one minute it will immediately shut off and “die”.I connected it to coconut battery a couple days ago and it showed what’s in the image.

Block Image

I also used a battery app that I downloaded from the App Store and it said the design capacity was at 30% but coconut says 80%. I don’t get that. But, is it time that I replace the battery or could it be something else?

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The battery is certainly at the end of it’s useful life. 80% is more or less the cutoff point between a normal battery and a degraded battery. On iPhones, they continue to work well down to about 70% and anything below that can go either way; working but just for less time or in some cases, start doing that “shutdown” on full charge thing.

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The battery may no longer be secured to the logic board, before replacing the battery try to open the device and fasten the power connector first. If its loose light movement, or just sitting over time could cause it to power off. BTW coconut battery is usually correct, apps on iPad usually get it wrong.

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Might be shorting cases,First insure that only insert charger iPad on but after removing cable goes suddenly off.

There is three possibilities in that cases.

1-Battery might be extremily discharged.

2-Some short circuit makes battery drain.

3-Battery inner circuit might be damage.So,need to be replaced.

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