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Microphone, earpiece speaker, rear camera and a boot loop

A couple days ago my personal iphone 7 plus started malfunctioning severely.

First, the mic stopped working during a phone call, then the earpiece speaker refused to work. Tried powering it off, and doing a hard reset. The result was a boot-looping device for the next 30 minutes. It finally stopped boot looping, and i was returned to my home screen. I afterwards discovered that the rear camera no longer actually takes pictures. I can see images on the screen, but pressing the button results in no saved picture no matter what i do. The front (selfie camera) does actually take pictures and saves them, but you have to hold still for about 15 seconds after pressing the button.

Has anyone seen this before? If so is there a known issue? Is there a part i can replace that can remedy this? i have not tried a restore yet, that is my next step, but not until i get a new phone. Until then i am left with a device that cannot make or receive phone calls.

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All these symptoms point to iPhone 7 audio IC disease. Check to see if voice memo works. If not you will need to run a jumper under the audio chip.

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oh no. hopefully that isn't the case. will report back when ive had a chance to try other remedies


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First remove the front camera flex and check,hope you got all answer after doing that.

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thank you i will give that a shot


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