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GSM iPad 2 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität und einem Dual Core Prozessor. Modellnummer A1396. Die Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitze und Hebeln.

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New iPad 2 OEM battery causes continuous reboots?

I've replaced my iPad 2 battery with an OEM battery because I broke the battery controller board on the original battery.

The new OEM battery actually seems to work and charge perfectly but it seems to be making the iPad unstable since it reboots every 2-4 minutes even when connected to power.

I've had the logic board moved over to another iPad 2 3G and there it works perfectly, so the problem doesn't seem to be the logic board.

Does anyone have an idea for a fix that doesn't mean getting a new battery?

Update: The problem must be the design of the OEM batteries - does anyone know where to get actual original iPad 2 batteries or used ones?

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Did you ever find a solution for your problem? I messed up an ipad 2 battery trying to move it to a new back cover, ordered a new non-original one and have the exact same problem!


Old question, but I thought I'd give you all an update.

I managed to get an original battery from a water-damaged iPad and I doubt it's possible to fix the faulty OEM batteries.


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Only use original batteries. I used 3 different brands, all had problems. I only use original batteries now for iPad.

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Having the same rebooting issue!

Thanks for your post.Was believing the logic board was faulty as 3 OEM batteries didn't resolve the issue.

Why are these OEM batteries still in circulation and being sold if they aren't compatible with logic board?

Anyway will try getting an original battery and see what happens!


Romeo, I'm also clueless as to why they still sell them. I know it's less of an issue with iPad 1, but the iPad 2 definitely doesn't like non-original batteries. If you need the original, I can sell it to you, if you want, but my supplier also has no stock anymore, so I can't give exact delivery time, also, depends where your are based.


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You might try iFixit's OEM iPad 2 battery. Ours comes with a 6 month warranty as well.

iPad 2 Battery Bild


iPad 2 Battery


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Replace the batteries ~

fix ..... http://www.dealrepairs.com

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This is common for iPads and iPhones,iPods

Put this in DFU mode and restore it providing it was backed up or can recover quick

To do this,when the iPad resets,hold down the Home button and that should do it and restore it

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I've restored it a couple of times already and it doesn't help a bit. It seems the OEM battery is the problem, since an original battery works fine. Also - since the logic board works fine in another iPad 2 we can conclude that a restore cannot fix the problem.

I've tried three OEM batteries. The first two had the problem right away, but the third lasted three days use before the problem arose.

It seems I'll either have to find someone with an original iPad 2 battery for sale or buy a new iPad 2 and cannibalize it.


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