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Picture but no backlight

Hey guys,

I recently bought a tv which had no backlight for 20 euros. I changed the backlights and the backlight inverter (which i thought they’re not in lcd led tv’s) but still the backlight doesn’t come on.

If i look at the voltages that go to the inverter board they are okay. But the inverter board gives for under a second a 94v to the backlight(to short to turn them on) and then goes to 0v.

If I understand correctly, does this mean the mainboard is not telling the inverter to come on? And if so is this fixable by resoldering a resistor or chip to get it working?

Update (05/27/2019)

The exact model is: 40PFL3208H/12.

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Hi my Philips TV model number 42pf5421/10 backlight not working I checked it by darking the room shining a torch on the TV I can see images but the screen is blank


How much is the part to replace on the TV


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since you already replaced the backlight and the LED board you do need to check the main board. It is usually the main board that tells the power board to turn the backlight on. Let us know the exact model of your TV.

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Without seeing the TV and doing a diagnostic myself, I can say that generally, backlight issues are caused by either: backlights and/or power board (and backlight board if the TV has one). If your backlight board plugs into the main board directly (rather than the power board) then of course anything between where it plugs into and the power board can also be the issue, but next step based on what you did would be to look into the power board.

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Try this


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