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The Toshiba Encore WT8-A is a touchscreen tablet running Windows 8.1.

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My device doesnt turn on

Why doesn’t my device turn on?

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If device does not turn on it might be because it has a dead battery. Just plug in the charger.

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I Have some problem with you. It happened when i reset my tablet, no response in power button.

I Plug charger, but nothings happen, even battery animation didn’t show up.

I Try Open the back cover, and then pulled battery connector plug, and then try charging, it show fully charged animation. then i try pushed power button, it show toshiba boot screen, and then dark again.

Now, i have another question, how can we reinstall windows in this tablet? :v

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You have to connect it to a computer/laptop and install the zip file to the tablet have done it myself


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