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Unresponsive touch after a screen replacement.

So I have an iPhone that I replaced the screen on a couple of times. (Friend doesnt want a better phone case) but the screen has been having issues with touch around the center left area on the screen. I got the screen from iFixit and am not sure if I need to get a new one from them or if it's another issue going on.

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the old screen still working? you can try to isolate the problem, if the old screen still touching basically is a bad screen.


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1st) try the old screen (if it still works) and see if the touch function is normal.

2nd) If it works normally, install the new iFixit screen and see if the touch is still finicky. If it still has issues, you should order a new screen.

3) If after your repair neither screen works (the old one or the replacement), then there may be something stuck in the connector (ie. adhesive, dust) or possibly a damaged prong, or worse, a damaged board. In that case, a new screen isn’t going to help you.

Best of luck! Let us know what the result is!

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Thanks for accepting my answer! If you have a moment, let us know what the result of your troubleshooting was! Thanks again!


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