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Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air 2, Modellnummer A 1566.

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Home button requires more force than usual to register

Took my iPad Air 2 yesterday out of my bag and realized that the home button was kinda pressed in and not working well. It required a lot of force to get the button to register, and it still does after looking few tutorials from YouTube. Basically, it seems like there has got something under the home button, because when I press it, it doesn’t like to go down from one corner.

This iPad has been in Apple Smart Case all it’s life and this iPsd has never been in service. Those tutorials from YouTube didn’t work when I tried them, except the alcohol trick, becuase I am really afraid it’ll break something. Also it’s not the easiest thing to do for me to get rubbing alcohol (or whatever it is)

Are there any other tricks that I should try that do not require dissasenbly of the iPad?

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Hi Piipperi,

The worry with the home buttons is that the tolerance between the components is very small. A single big enough piece of sand can lodge its self between components and work its way into the device slowly cover on or cover off…

It sounds like debris of some sort is stuck in the home button assembly. (as you say) Not easy to get out without a disassembly I am afraid. Especially if it’s not sand or something soft, it could do more damage. Metal shaving and fillings don’t break up like sand does, I know that I have crushed a few pieces myself the last 2 years on my iPhone 6s.

Besides compressed or canned air blasted into the button, (Clean air, or more problems..)

The alcohol sometimes works, but it all depends on what the debris is made of. This can be hit or miss.

Maybe a little bit of cringy button pressing? (I know what I asking but I have a 2017 MBP with the bad keyboard)

You may be able work it out of assembly, or (the not so likely) or it will eventually work its way into the housing, to

where the button stays in that spot, or (worst case), it causes the assembly to malfunction… NOT FUN..

Best solution is to have it cleaned out by technician, this at least makes sure you don’t get more damage and it works again, hopefully you can find a repair tech who will charge a fair fee.

If not ask around for some friends who may know a place or a guy. University students studying electronics and desperate for spare cash may work too… It’s not just what you know, who you know is important too.

Cheapest is probably to spam the home button until it comes loose or you break it into tinnier pieces and try blow them out after that. (the dirt stuff will always still be in there tho.)

But the iFixit teardown is really good if you are backed in a corner and are in a bind. The kits are great and they have a home button listed for a few $ if you wanna buy the part yourself. Other parts there if you need..

iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket

iPad Air 2 Home Button Bracket

iPad Air 2 Home Button Assembly

Remember to buy a screen re-sealing kit too if you do!

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips

Do a back-up just in case, be patient and take photos and notes. Label where screws go and you will be fine!

iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket Bild


iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket


iPad Air 2 Home Button Assembly Bild


iPad Air 2 Home Button Assembly


iPad Air 2 Home Button Bracket Bild


iPad Air 2 Home Button Bracket


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips Bild


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips


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Thank you, I’ll try with canned air. The issue is that I would rather not dissasemble this iPad myself, and we do not have any real professionals here in my country who could do it. Thx anyways. Do you think alcohol would damage the Touch ID btw?


As long as it is high in alcohol and very low in h2o,

IPA, isopropyl alcohol, should be about 91% and shouldn't break or short anything... to be sure, turn iPad off and use a hair dryer to evaporate the IPA away before turning it on again. If you can, put it in front of a fan over night too.

Last step would be to ship it out of your country, to a repair technician super expensive , But there are people who will do international repairs if you can afford it. Which country are you in, maybe someone in the network can assist.


I think the most likely cause is the little plastic actuator on the home button itself that has worn out.

If you want to get the home button fixed I strongly recommend taking it to a reputable repair shop that does iPads.

They'll need to replace the gold sticker to fix the problem with the home button not clicking properly.

As long as the iPad's housing is not dented in the corners or edges they should be able to remove the screen without damaging it. Dings / impact dents will obstruct removal of screen without cracking it as it'll catch onto those spots.


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