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Veröffentlicht am 23. Oktober 2012 mit Core i5 oder Core i7 CPU, optional mit Fusion Drive

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Complete Dead - How To Check Power Supply Vs Logic Board

System is normally on since purchasing new in December 2012. Was working fine yesterday morning but when went to use it last night it was dead. Completely dead - no startup chime no LED on front no sound whatsoever. Took the bottom circular twist cover off and a significant amount of dirt in there. Pretty much a matt filling the circular cover. Disconnected all peripherals and plugged into a known working outlet. No sound, no fan, no HDD, no LED. I suspect either power supply or logic board but open to other ideas. How can I approach this methodically? Can I test for voltage on a power supply cable? (If so, which one, which terminals?)

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@mopac01of course you already double checked your outlet and power cord to make sure both are working. Use your multimeter and check for 12V on the wires as described

Block Image

If yours is different, post some images of what your connector looks like etc. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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Well, the ifixit guide to replacing the power supply was SO helpful to taking this apart. Literally had to completely disassemble the Mac mini to get to the power supply to check it. The guide said 45 minutes but being uber careful and taking extra notes for reassembly took twice as long.

I checked that I was getting 120v at the end of the power cord where it goes into the power supple. Using the image above I checked the left most pin and the rightmost pin and read a steady 11.8v across. So the power supply would appear not to be the issue. And I've read other posts on ifixit for similar dead Mac minis where they just replaced the power supply and still had a dead Mac.

Looking at ifixit Mac mini A1347 (Late 2012) 2.5 GHz Logic Board the cost of a replacement logic board is $300. And that's a used one. Plus mine has just 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive that has been spinning for 6 years. It doesn't seem a cost effective solution.


Apple's refurbed store has Mac mini late 2014 version with "Haswell" Core i5 2.6 GHz, Intel Iris 5100 graphics 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive for $590.

The dead one is prior gen late 2012 "Ivy Bridge" Core i5 2.5GHz, Intel HD 4000 graphics 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive that had already been spinning 6 years.

The dead one was about out of hard drive space and can't remember if I had it on High Sierra or Mojave but it was getting pokey particularly on startup. I'd been considering doubling its RAM to 8GB and it's hard drive to 1TB so by the time I'd do that on top of the $300 logic board it seems a better deal to just spend the $590 on the new one and get a little better processor and graphics along with the 8GB RAM and 1TB of storage I was already thinking about.


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I have a Mac Mini that does not power on, no green light no fan running, dead.

I checked with your guide, there is power from power unit ~12V but when I connect the power to logic board and then measure it shows 0. I think power supply unit is fine.

Looks like motherboard short circuit.

I have seen iFixit threads indicating capacitor short circuit.

Any clue how to proceed further.

Block Image

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