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iPhone XS touch doesn't work after screen replacement

I have an iPhone XS which previously had a broken screen and was slightly bent, I purchased an iPhone XS replacement screen and managed to plug in the new screen, but the touch is completely not responding.

I cleaned out the connector and tried reseating several times. I also tried with another screen. Both are able to display an image but touch does not work. Neither are OEM screens.

Is there a common issue with the iPhone XS with replacement screens due to some kind of digitizer programming or is the ribbon cable to the digitizer particular sensitive? Or is it possible the board being damaged due to the entire phone being bent about 15 degrees?

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I like how you kept the most relevant morsel for the end :>)…

A phone that is bent 15 degrees is not something you do the “oh, I forgot to mention…”. Of course the two are related. The iPhone X series have a particularly flexy logic board and the resulting cracked solder balls causes all kinds of issues.

To your other question, yes the flexes are quite sensitive to tears so take a closer look to see if this is a problem.

However, if multiple replacement screens no longer work, then consider this to be a logic board failure. An experienced micro-soldering tech may be able to help here.

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Who hasn't done that at least once with the doctor ?..was almost going to forget that... ;))


Fair point, in particular I was actually curious if the flex point (near the display cable FPC) was near any digitizer components and on second thought the bend was a bit more like 3-4 degrees.

Either way, I'm not a experienced micro-soldering tech and that answers my questions, so I'll accept your answer.


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