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Lines show on TV then it powers down.

These lines appear anywhere from seconds to minutes after the TV is powered on. Then it shuts off. Any suggestions for a DIY fix. I work for a hotel and we don't want to have to pay a TV repair company.

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Hey Grady, does the TV do this on all inputs? I'm curious if this might be an issue with the cable. Although the TV powering off makes me think otherwise.


Only on the TV input. And when I change inputs I can no longer go back to TV.


@acraftyhippo what model is your TV?


The model is 32HFL5860D/27. It's a hospitality TV. The issue only shows on the TV input for coaxial. If I change the input the problem does not persist but I cannot return to the TV input.


Out of curiosity, @acraftyhippo, have you tried using a different coax cable, and with that a different wall port?


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@acraftyhippo could be a main board, t-con board or even panel. I’d be looking at the t-con board first. Explain this a bit better “Only on the TV input. And when I change inputs I can no longer go back to TV. “ That sounds like it does not show on other video input sources?

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