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My Drone is not taking off

Hi, i have a drone a quadcopter and it is not taking off it just wont fly the motors spin but the quadcopter wont fly and lift and it is not tilting in any side

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It looks to me like the battery is not holding enough of a charge to fully power the motors to gain enough lift to even move the copter. In my experience after a battery has exceeded its life this is the behavior it exhibits. You can try to following.

  1. Attempt to charge battery for the recommended time period.
  2. Replace the battery with a new battery that can retain the charge needed for flight.

Unless you are aware of any other water damage, crashes etc. from the video that appears to be the news to deliver.



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the small gear in one of the propellers is not holding the motor shaft tightly and that is why the motor keeps on spinning but the fans sometime even stops when the gear comes out of the shaft…how can i fix this


It would be awesome if you could post a picture of the gear you are referencing but i am going to assume that you are referring to the shaft of the brushless motor.

The brushless motor and propellers, especially on the more inexpensive quads, sometimes props hitting the ground strip the flat spot off the inside of the propeller and this can cause the prop to spin at reduced rpm. This will cause a lift thrust issue and prevent takeoff.

you could do a couple of things.

1. replace blade. best option.

2. a little epoxy and refit to the motor.

3. jb weld might also be an option. messy.


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