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Das Apple iPhone 5s wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Die Reparatur dieses Geräts ist ähnlich wie bei den Vorgängermodellen und erfordert Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB in silber, gold und space grau.

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My LCD started bleeding for no reason: can I stop it/ fix it?

Today I noticed a tiny spot at the bottom left of my iphone (see img). About 1h later a second expanding stain appeared, top left (see img).. I have a few questions:

1) what could be the reason?

2) any advice to stop it from expanding? Will opening the phone make things worse or may it help?

3) is the only way to fix it an LCD replacement? If so, is this what I need to do? If not, what do I need to do?

Thanks everybody!!

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that is a bad LCD. The only way to fix it is by replacing it iPhone 5s LCD mit Touchscreen wechseln

  1. No idea
  2. it’ll continue. No stopping it.

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Cheers for this! Do you know if I can change the lcd without changing the screen? It seems like they only sell the whole screen/LCD thingy together.

By the way, I don’t think the LCD is bad per se, it’s Apple’s original and it lasted several years (phone is old) … I guess these things just happen sometimes (to me at least!)


@athanasius it's your LCD that is bad. Unless you have a LCD separator, know how to use it and have done this before I suggest you change the whole display assembly. It'll be very difficult to find and LCD without the digitizer and even more difficult to separate it.


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