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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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Semi Random Reboots After Screen Replacement

The other day I replaced the power button cable and volume button cable of my iPad Air 2 due to the microphones and power button being faulty. In the process of removing the screen, I pierced the LCD in a few spots. This rendered the screen unusable, so I ordered a B stock replacement screen. I received the replacement screen today and managed to get the home button moved over and everything reconnected. The power button works. The up volume works, but the down volume does not. The microphones still don’t seem to work, Touch ID still works. However, every few minutes, the iPad reboots itself. I haven’t timed it, but it seems to be happening pretty regularly. I don’t know if I have a short or if perhaps the battery isn’t fully connected. It seems to be charging fine. Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks.

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This could be a replacement parts quality issue. The button flexes could be defective or damaged (they are easy to damage). Hopefully you haven’t sealed the device before doing final test.

You’ll want to remove the Volume button flex and inspect it closely for tears or connector damage. I would do the same for the Power button flex.

As for the initial reason you did the repair, did the microphones fail out of the blue or was it following a drop, repair attempt or contact with water?

iPad Air 2 Volume Button Cable Bild


iPad Air 2 Volume Button Cable


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I order the part from iFixit. It is possible that I damaged during the install.

The reason I decided to replace the power and volume cables was that I discovered that the microphones didn't work. I purchased the iPad from blinq.com. Shortly after, I discovered that the power button didn't work. I was able to live with it since I could power it down from the Settings. The volume buttons worked, but the physical buttons tended to stick. It wasn't until later that I discovered that the microphones didn't work and that they were on the same cables as the power and volume.

At this point the power button and volume up button work. I can lower the volume from Settings as needed. Basically, I learned a valuable lesson. Don't buy an iPad from blinq.com. I may have just gotten a dud that someone returned after doing something to the top right corner of the iPad. Next time I will buy a new iPad.


Sometimes it is caused by debris under the battery connector. Can happen if the tool used to disconnect the battery is worn / dirty.

This can be cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristle brush.


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I have had this issue a couple times with the iPad Air 2. One of the methods to fix this is to do a full DFU restore. Im not sure why this works but it has done on several occasions. Let me know how you get on.


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This process did not work. I thought it was going to because the iPad stayed up without restarting longer when it was in DFU mode. No such luck. I managed to reset to factory default but it keeps restarting before it can finish the process.


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