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Vorgestellt am 16. September 2016. Modelle A1661, A1784 und A1785. Verfügbar mit 32, 128 oder 256 GB internem Speicher in den Farben Rose-Gold, Gold, Silber, Schwarz, Diamantschwarz und Rot.

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After change of display, NFC doesn't work.

Hi! So i replaced a display for a friend, and there were stripped screws on his heatshield from a previous repair shop, so i just told him it will work without it for a few days, and bought a new one. And now, after i changed the display, today he called me, that his Apple Pay won’t work, for some reason. Might that be an issue related to the heatshield, or should i try replacing the antenna? I can’t even check if i accidentally unplugged the antennas somehow now. I’m really confused, and feel really bad. What do i do, and what’s possibly the issue?

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You’ll need to open up the phone and check to see if you forgot to connect the NFC antenna or if it was damaged during the repair. It is embedded in the top-right corner and it’s barely noticeable in most of the guides. Check Step 37 of this guide for the placement of the screw that holds it into place (it’s the top yellow circle).

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