Touch screen acting squirrelly need help w/ Data back up process

My Motorola G4 suddenly has a squirrelly acting touch screen like while playing games ex. (My Billiards game) when I'm aiming or getting ready to take a shot while holding my finger against the screen & dragging down to choose my preferred strength of shot it'll just release it prematurely causing me to lose. I've heard a hard reset will possibly correct this but I'm quite technically disabled lol & Im wondering how exactly I, “back up my data" as well as “disable device protection” as the instructions on a hard reset mention that you do 1st. Cuz I have a ton of important pictures & videos that I'd die if I lost so I'm just looking for any info on how to do all these things, w/ the greatest amount of details listed as possible lol for the technical laymen like myself lol… any info would be greatly appreciated.

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