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The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a front-engine, front wheel drive, small family car/Compact MPV manufactured and marketed internationally by Chrysler in 5-door hatchback (2000–2010) and 2-door convertible (2005-2008) body styles.

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My 2003 PT Cruiser's battery won't hold a charge.

My 2003 PT Cruiser's new battery won't keep it's charge. After 36-48 hours of non use, the battery is dead. I’ve gone as far as jumping the car to start it, then remove the positive cable terminal from the battery, and the car dies. A friend has told me that it’s a problem with the altenator and that it needs to be replaced. Does anyone have similar issues?

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Hi @maggiez ,

Check that the alternator is charging the battery correctly.

Use a DMM’s (digital multimeter) DC Voltmeter function to measure the voltage across the car’s battery terminals. Do this with the engine running.

It should measure in the range 13.8VDC-14.5VDC.

Anything less than 13.8VDC means that the battery is not being charged when the engine is running.

Not sure regarding your vehicle whether the voltage regulator (controls the output from the alternator) is inbuilt in the alternator or whether it is a separate component.

BE SAFETY AWARE when you do this check as the engine is running when you are testing the charging voltage at the battery terminals. Ensure that the vehicle is in park or neutral and that the emergency brake (aka handbrake or parking brake) is firmly applied. Watch where you place your hands and check that your clothing (or hair?) doesn’t get caught up in the moving parts of the engine.

If you don’t have a DMM or know someone who does, go to an auto electrician or a car battery supplier and get them to check it for you.

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