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How can I erase this drive?

I am trying to erase the drive on my 2006 MacBook so I can sell the machine for parts, since it's good for parts but has multiple issues and addressing it quickly hits my no repair threshold. I have tried multiple tools with persistent failure. It needs a battery, optical drive (weak motor but can be made to listen by forcing the matter while ejecting okay) and motherboard check (Significant wattage loss as it charges; didn’t see on my 2011 13”), which is why I am going to be selling it as-is.

  • Parted Magic (kernel panic)
  • DBAN (F10 nonfunctional)
  • PC Disk Eraser (Parted magic based) ( Kernel panic)
  • HDDErase 4.0 (Not recognized)
  • Disk Utility (High Sierra) (Failed to remont the drive)
  • Active KILLDISK (Results pending)

Since I have not had much luck and would like to include the drive for a better AS-IS price (without an OS for licensing avoidance problems on a junk machine), what methods are known to work with Macs?

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Active KILLDISK worked to wipe the drive. One pass only so do a 3 pass you need to do it 3 times. Not ideal outside of one off cases.

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