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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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Why does my computer constantly whirl and make noise?

all in one computer, very loud and slow when machine is whirling.

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Joe Pierce what model is your computer and what have you checked?


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This to me sounds like a possible cooling issue. The system probably needs to be cleaned out. Ideally the best option is to open the system up as much as you can and clean any dust out. At the very least try to use come compressed air. Just be careful of sensitive components.

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Do you have the model of the all in one computer?

There should be a sticker label with the model of it behind the computer or in a removable cover.

Some models are built with very low end performing hardware. E.g like an AMD A4 processor and a 5200RPM 500GB laptop hard drive which will cause the computer to run very slow.

Does it run slow from the very beginning where it loads windows and using it in general?

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