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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 15-Zoll Display

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Have lines on my screen

Is there any way to get rid of the colored lines on my 15” MacBook Pro screen?

To get it right back to normal?

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Can you tell us which of the many versions of MacBook Pro's you have.

Review this listing EveryMac -MacBook Pro's listing

If you know your systems S/N just plug it into here EveryMac - Lookup

Once you know tell us, then we can post you to the answer.


Bobby still need more... How about plugging in your systems S/N here EveryMac - Look up. Then post your systems models specs here for us to see.


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1 Antwort

Some additional info will be needed to look into this:

  • What year is the MacBook Pro 15”?
  • Was there any identifiable instance that may have caused these lines? (drop damage, etc.)
  • Have you tried reseating the LVDS Cable?

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