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Das 3a gehört zur dritten Generation von Pixel Smartphones, ist eher preisgünstig und hat die gleiche Kamera wie Googles Flaggschiffe. Erhältlich in Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Purpurartig (Purple-ish). Erschienen im Mai 2019.

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Accidentally put my SIM card in without the tray. How do I get it out?

This is my first phone, so I stupidly wasn’t careful with the insertion of the SIM card. I couldn’t figure out how to put the bigger SIM card in the tray after a few seconds of inspection, and instead just pushed it in by itself. Now it’s stuck and I immediately regretted my decision.

Is there any good way to get it out from the outside, and if not, how easy would it be to open the phone up and get it out from inside?

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Get a small sewing needle wrap the dull end in tape (masking, duct, etc.) then heat up the sharp tip with a lighter. Now shove the needle as deep as you can into the sim card. Wait for it to cool then pull the needle and sim card out together.

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I know I'm gonna sound like an idiot, but do I shove the needle into the card itself or wherever it can fit in the slot?


Sorry for the late reply. The card itself.


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