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Tv does not turn on at all

my samsung tv doesnt turn on as soon as you plug it in it blinks 2 twice tree times then stops and if i press the power button it just blinks once. tv model is UN40D6000SFXZA

i asked this a few days ago but could not open up the tv due to some stuck screws so now i have and also took some pictures.

Did a few things after that: disconected main board from power board and the backlight did turn on, also while everything was connected i touched the top on the main chip(SDP1001) on the main board and it was pretty hot to the touch.

Block Image

Block Image

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@ishen all of this “disconected main board from power board and the backlight did turn on” and the heating up of an IC would make me replace the main board. A failed main board is consistent with your TV’s issues.

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yea i look like ill have to find a replacement for it then thanks for the input


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