beer spilled and left on keyboard for a few hours

Hello to anyone who may have insight/advice to my troubling and fearful day.

I fell asleep near a beer with my laptop on my lap (:D) and woke up in the morning with dry liquid all over the keyboard /trackpad - with quite a few stuck keys.

I frantically clicked the trackpad discovering it had no battery and in panic I plugged the charger in and waited to eventually hear a YouTube video play. I switched it off and continued cleaning what I could. It's now been around 36 hours and the laptop works fine…

It still works…. At this point am I just incredibly lucky? I don't know whether to bring it to a repair shop and void my warranty, or take it to apple to check for any corrosion. Should I keep it open and tented to dry out or just case it as there's not more I can do..

I read into a patent for their newer keyboards having “butterfly clips” designed to keep out external objects or fluids. Anyone know more about the resistance to liquid?

Anyway as you can imagine I've had a very nerve-racking day. I seek consultation and advice to help and sincerely thank whoever can assist in advance!!

Sorry for the long post.

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