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The TI-30X IIS is a scientific calculator with trigonometric functions first introduced by Texas Instruments in 1993. It uses both a battery and a solar cell for power.

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Water damage Texas instrument calculator ti 30x iis

My Texas instrument ti 30 x iis calculator got washed in the washing machine and how do I fix this water damage?

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The screen maybe screwed,maybe not. But if you want a chance at it working again safely,you need to take it apart(watch a YouTube video!),and clean it off with 91 to 99% isopropyl alcohol. You can use cue tips. Make sure you don’t mess with the screen. Cleaning the components and logic board is important. If it hasn’t been powered on,it may be more likely to work again,I don’t know about the screen though. But once power is run through it,it can short and damage components. The alcohol is the best bet. It is safe and works. Pros use it too. You can get 91% at Walmart. If you have just the logic board without the screen,you can dunk it into a bowl of alcohol and let it soak for a couple of mins. Then use soaked cue tips to wipe it. You can use a hair dryer to dry it off(don’t overheat it).

This is your best bet honestly. Clean corrosion and wipe all around. If you see a burned component,let me know.

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