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Released March 2016, the Rift CV1 is the first consumer-targeted virtual reality headset by Oculus.

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Main unit gets very hot

My CV1 gets very hot on the top after about 20 mins of use. I had a DK1 and DK2 and I never had this problem. I thought I was just being sensitive to this but when people try my rift after about 15 or 20 mins they take it off and usually exclaim “Woooahhhhhhh” Not like that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen but like i’m taking off a gas mask after wearing it in the Missouri summer for 30 minutes. It’s uncomfortable.

I tried contacting Oculus shortly after I got the device but unfortunately I got busy and didn’t follow up. Now i’m out of warranty and Oculus’ answer is buy a refurb unit.

When doing research on this online I don’t see much about the unit heating up. I even booted up my old DK2 for comparison and it doesn’t get nearly as hot.

I don’t have a way to measure surface temperature. Any suggestions on measuring temperature or addressing this issue if anyone has heard of it. I was looking into modifying the unit to add some quiet fans to the top. I’m not concerned about obscuring the sensors on top as I generally play from a seated position.

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I did notice that even though I am plugged into USB 3.0 it’s reading as 2.0.

I read somewhere you need to plug the tracker and headset into separate USB controllers and I do have it setup that way.

I’ll experiment and get back to you.



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Hello, after a little research on the net I found that the overheating issue can be related to the USB port.

If you’re using USB 2.0 then the Headset will struggle more to send data, this is my the only think that I can thing about right now but tell me what USB Gen are you using.

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