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Das Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ist eine Kombination aus Mobiltelefon und Tablet von der Firma Samsung. Es kam im August 2015 auf den Markt.

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When calibrating the battery, would it be bad to use the fast charger?

So, I am going to be doing a battery replacement on my uncle’s old Galaxy Note 5. While reading the guides here on Ifixit i saw the link to the battery calibration page, where I read all about it. (If you don’t know what that is, go read about Battery Calibration ) I have since been wondering if I should or shouldn’t use the fast charging brick when i charge it up to 100%. Any advice wold be appreciated! Thank you!

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Hey. I’ve heard so many conflicting opinions on the matter. Everyone says different things and there is no definite answer anywhere really. But using the fast charger does cause the internal circuitry of the battery to dissipate more heat,so it puts more thermal stress on the battery. Based on my research,using a slower charger is better than a fast charger in the long run. It isn’t as stressing to the battery as fast charging. But keep in mind the battery and charger are designed for each other. The phone is designed to accept higher current. So it is safe and will work well.

With my iPhone 6s Plus I charge with a 2 amp charger instead of 1 since by the time the battery goes bad I’ll probably get a new phone.

For calibrating,it technically would be best to use a slower charger,but in practice it really isn’t worth worrying about.

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Thanks. That does make sense, but I will continue to use the fast charger because I can always replace the battery again! Or I could take the realistic view on things and say the phone will probably be dead by then ;) Thanks for your help!


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