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The HP Envy 5660 e-all-in-one printer is meant to print, scan, and copy including features such as wireless printing and a color touchscreen. Model number: F8B04A

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i'm able to print a test page, not document. frozen

i set up the printer preferences, hit print, the printer box (printing 1-2) is frozen. i can print a test page, there’s paper in the tray. restarted computer, turned off computer and turned back on. nothing helps.

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Hi bjbx74

When you mentioned frozen, does it means your computer?

Had you tried printing from another pc?

it seems that this hp printer has firmware.


try applying and see if helps.

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i wish it did help. it's not the computer that's freezing. ;per your suggestion i installed the new drivers, went back to print that document, and the printing message box is still frozen, i can't even cancel it. just now i opened a new document and that printing message box is smack in the middle of the document and can't be closed unless i close the program.


suggest you to try with another computer and see if helps.

check if there are any settings on the printer which can be reset to factory defaults.

take note also, try to update the printer firmware, which the link i had provided.


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